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Welcome to The Poodle Network

There is a great deal of information available about poodles.  Rather than overwhelm everyone, we have decided, in the interest of sanity, to provide you with what we believe to be 'just enough information'. Enough to provide you with answers to your questions, but not so much that you are overloaded. We don't want you to give up before you start.


We are here for you, so if you feel that we missed a key point, please contact us.  Similarly, if you find a section with too much information, tell us what you think we should remove.  We can not promise to have everything right for everyone, or make all the changes you suggest... All we can do is try.

Our main desire is to put breeders, handlers and groomers in touch with owners, and owners in touch with breeders, handlers and groomers, at the same time providing everyone with information and links to care for their poodles. 

So, please continue to browse through our website, and remember to tell everyone where you found them...

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What's Being Said . . .

"Promotes My Business"

“The Poodle Network is an essential part of my business advertising.”

Debbie E.

"Great Service"

"Excellent Value"

“The people at The Poodle Network have always provided me with great service, and I've used them for over 4 years now!”

Jan L.

“Free listings for groomers. What more can I say - nothing's better than free!”

Carrie S.

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