Advertising on The Poodle Network

So, you want to advertise on The Poodle Network.  How do you do that, and what are your options?

Advertising on The Poodle Network used to be far more complicated, so we simplified the options, as follows:

Home Page Banner Ad = $150 per year (this space is currently taken, but we can place you on the wait-list if you send your information. We will contact you in the event the current advertiser vacates the space).  example

Banner Ad of Breeder Pages = $125 per year (two available per breeder page).  example

Premium Image Ad on Breeder Pages = The cost is only $50 per year for one category (Standard, Miniature, Toy or Kleinpudel Poodle Breeders), $60 per year for two categories, $70 per year for three categories, or $80 for all four categories.  example

Simple Text Listings (on any breeder page, groomers page or handlers page) = FREE 

Bolded Text Listings (on any breeder page, groomers page or handlers page) = $12 per year 

Litter Information (One line of bold red text added (or removed) = $6 to add, $6 to remove.

Contact us with your detailed information. We will provide you with a method to send your photos,You will also be sent an invoice in order to make your payment.

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