Poodle Videos

Poodle Training Videos

Teach Your Poodle to Recognize Their Name

Teach Your Poodle to Come When You Call

Teach Your Poodle to Stay

Teach Your Poodle to Heel

Teaching a Poodle to Lay Down

How to Teach Your Poodle to Sit on Command

Poodle Grooming Videos

Poodle Teddy Bear Clip  / Dog Grooming School Demo

Poodle Dog Grooming: Clipping the Body

Poodle Dog Grooming: Hind Quarters

Poodle Dog Grooming: Face Shaving

Poodle Dog Grooming: Front Paws

Holding a Poodle's Paws for Grooming

Poodle Dog Grooming: Trimming the Legs

Poodle Dog Grooming: Trimming Back Paws

Poodle Dog Grooming: Trimming the Top Knot

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